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As a wardrobe stylist I love getting my hands dirty, pinning a jacket within an inch of its life, maneuvering the shadows and wrinkles across a dress until something frothy and pink is just the right shade of ominous (or until something sleek vicious black is sweetly demure).  I love all the manipulation of fit and fabric and texture that goes into creating the perfect look, I love mixed archetypes and connontations that somehow translate perfectly. 

I like the challenges that come when the samples are all a size 8, and the models are barely a size O.  I like it when the adult gloves need to be reworked to appear as if from the childrens line.  I like it when the only pair of stockings sent from headquarters is missing one leg. And we need to make it work.

My toolbox rivals a handyman, my accessories kit would delight an impeccable drag queen. 

I love being a wardrobe stylist.

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Client list includes Gap, Jansport, North Face, Intel, Shocase, Leapfrog, plus many amazing artists, musicians, and rabblerousers

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